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Company profile

Keaton Energy is a leading South African junior coal miner, with a total Coal Resource of 384.2Mt and ROM Coal Reserve of 84.3Mt under management.


0.06 LTIFR (2015: 0.22) at Vaalkrantz
0.14 LTIFR (FY15:0.10) at Vanggatfontein

Labour force

868 employees inclusive of contractors (FY15: 1 433)

Production and sales volumes

Total production for FY15 amounted to 2.7Mt (FY15: 2.9Mt)

At Vanggatfontein – 2.36Mt (FY15: 2.45Mt)

  • Thermal coal sales down 2% to 2.24Mt
  • 5-seam metallurgical coal sales down 22% to 0.1Mt

At Vaalkrantz – 0.30Mt (FY15: 0.40Mt)

  • Coal sales for the year were 45 556t domestic (FY15: 142 176t), 70 600t export (FY15: 138 300t) and 185 799t high ash (FY15: 114 974t).

Keaton Energy’s flagship colliery, Vanggatfontein, produces coal for supply to Eskom and metallurgical coal for supply to domestic industrial consumers. Vaalkrantz whose disposal is subject to section 11 Ministerial consent was placed on care and maintenance subsequent to year-end. Vaalkrantz produced anthracite for domestic and international customers.

We employ a forward thinking approach to ensure our sustainability, continually seeking new revenue streams, development projects and means to further increase LOM at our existing operations. We also look to capitalise on high-growth opportunities to continue diversifying and mitigating risk.