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Members of the Board and employees, as well as contractors, are required to commit to Keaton Energy’s Code of Business Ethics and Conduct. The code covers matters such as the treatment of confidential information, securities transactions and disclosure, corporate opportunities, the use of software, fraudulent or dishonest conduct, illegal and dangerous conduct, employee relations and language policy.

The group’s whistle-blowing policy was finalised and approved by the Audit Committee in November 2009, and the policy has been incorporated as part of the group’s human resource policies. It provides a mechanism to enable employees to voice concerns internally in a responsible and effective manner without fear of reprisal. Disclosures are reported and reviewed by the Audit Committee Chairman or the Company Secretary, but may be referred back to management should it be considered that it may be appropriately investigated at this level without conflict of interest.

Keaton Energy does not make any contributions (monetary or in-kind) to political parties or their representatives.

Anonymous Ethics Hotline

0800 63 34 28

Code of Business Ethics and Conduct

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